Welcome to House-church.org. The main aim of this site is to explain the concept of Biblical Church, and to encourage a return to the teaching of the Word of God in this regard. Our hope and prayer is that we might play a small part in nurturing churches that are based solely on the teaching of the New Testament regarding corporate life and practice.

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However, we are far from being merely 'one subject' Christians, and make available teaching material which covers a diverse range of scriptural topics. From a talk about absolutely "Nothing" (GT2) to the 25 talks in the "Salvation" series (SA1-25) there is a wealth of solid, no-nonsense, Bible teaching to be found here.

We are ourselves continually growing in our understanding of what scripture calls ' the whole counsel of God' (Acts 20v27, Revised Standard Version), and wish to help others grow likewise. This website will be regularly updated so do check us out every now and then to catch up on any resources that have been added lately.

So, we bid you welcome! May the Lord bless you in your browsing and lead you further into His wonderful truth!


Latest news

Bible Studies catalogue now FREE to download in MP3 Format
All the studies in the current CCF catalogue are now available free to listen to either online or as an MP3 download.There are well over 300 talks covering a huge range of topics. More


Beresford has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century having been persuaded to start a Blog. A new era, therefore, of unbridled freedom of expression has presented itself to him, and he intends to enjoy it to the full! Click here to visit the blog


Beresford has just produced a new article for you to read titled "Accountability? What accountability?" Intrigued? More


In March 2014 Beresford was diagnosed with cancer. As well as reports on medical progress, you can read his updates containing numerous revelations, thoughts and musings concerning what the Lord was teaching him each step of the way through the ordeal. More


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New book available from the Amazon Kindle Store
Beresford has a new eBook entitled "Learning to Whistle! - Sketches on the life and times of Elijah the prophet" More


Movie section
We now have a new series of movies available to view from the 2011 New England House Church Conference entitled "Embracing Biblical Truth Biblically: A Challenge to the Error of Mere Doctrinalism!" More


'The 'Traditions of the Elders' series is now offered FREE in MP3 format
We have leapt into the 21st century and made the whole of the 'Traditions' Bible study series available as free downloads in the 'Study resources' section.



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