What Does A Priest Do?

What Does A Priest Do

A priest is an ordained member of the clergy in many Christian churches and denominations, including Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Old Catholic, Syriac Catholic, and Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches; as well as some Protestant churches, and others. In most cases, priests are required to be male. Priests typically … Read more

What Does Heaven Look Like?

What Does Heaven Look Like

Heaven is the focus of a lot of religions, and Christianity is no different. The Bible tells us that heaven is a place where God dwells, and it also tells us a lot about the nature of this place. Often, we think about it a lot, especially when us or a loved one is nearing … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction?

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction

Addiction is a disease that impacts millions of people worldwide, and it can be very difficult to overcome. Many have seen how God’s Word has helped others who have been impacted by this disease. When feeling the effects of addiction it’s common to experience a sense of guilt, loneliness, and self-loathing. However, the guiding force … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Cheating?

what does the bible say about cheating (2)

The Bible is full of examples and warnings about adultery. Adultery is one of the most serious sins in God’s eyes, and it has been called “the root of all evil” (1 Corinthians 6:9). Adultery was considered so heinous that Jesus said that anyone who commits adultery will be put to death (Matthew 5:27-28). But … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Complaining?

What Does The Bible Say About Complaining

What does the Bible teach about complaining? Throughout history, believers have sought to understand this as a matter of curiosity, something to study to live according to God’s commands.  While this continues to drive us today, we recognize that we have grown into a complaining culture. We are constantly overwhelmed with complaints from all parts … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Eating Meat?

What Does The Bible Say About Eating Meat

These days, vegetarianism is on the rise, and there are so many more vegetarian dishes and options available. The awareness around our consumption of meat has largely increased due to climate change, and the impact that the meat industry has on global warming. However, there are many other reasons why people choose to become vegetarian, … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Emotions?

What Does The Bible Say About Emotions

We use emotions to display how we are feeling. They can make us cry in an instant, trigger anger inside, fester unforgiving feelings, and drive us forward to be a success in life, but what does the Bible say about emotions? To God, the idea of human emotions isn’t unfamiliar in life, as in John … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Gambling?

What Does The Bible Say About Gambling

As a modern Christian, it can oftentimes be difficult to navigate the world and know that you are walking the right path. In an age of excess and indulgence, understanding your own limits, and the limits laid out by the Lord, is crucial. Gambling has been around for centuries and is one temptation that is … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Leadership?

What Does The Bible Say About Leadership

Being a leader is not easy, and any Christian who steps up to the task of leading others is sure to understand the weight of responsibility that comes with their role. In Jesus, we are given an example of benign and selfless leadership, and through him, we can learn so much about how to be … Read more