What Did Mary Look Like?

What Did Mary Look Like

We all know that Mary is the mother of Christ, but have you ever stopped to wonder what she may have looked like? What Mary may have looked like depends on the Mary you are talking about because there were two.  There is Mary of Nazareth, a Jewish girl living in the backwater province of … Read more

What Do Pastors Say At Weddings?

What Do Pastors Say At Weddings

A wedding ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for the pastor to share something with two people in particular while hundreds of people around them are listening in. It is unlikely couples will remember anything the Pastors say. So what should a pastor say at weddings? What words will they speak that will be of value … Read more

26 Top Bible Verses To Overcome Jealousy

27 Top Bible Verses To Overcome Jealousy

Jealousy is a common feeling among humans. Some people experience jealousy even after they get married. This is because jealousy is a normal human emotion. In fact, it is considered a sin according to the Bible. Jealousy is defined as being envious or resentful of another person. The Bible says that jealousy is rooted in … Read more

What Does The God Look Like?

What Does the God Look Like

The question of what does God look like is one that has been asked for centuries and will continue to be asked as long as there are people who have a need or desire to know the answer to this question. The question itself can be answered in many ways, but I am going to … Read more

22 Awesome Bible Verses For College Students

22 Awesome Bible Verses For College Students

Are you looking for some inspiration to get through college? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities? If yes, then these 22 awesome Bible verses for college students might help you out. College life is full of challenges. From studying to balancing academic and social life, it’s no wonder why students often struggle … Read more

28 Hopeful Bible Verses about Fear

28 Hopeful Bible Verses about Fear

We all experience fear – from superficial spooks associated with horror movies to deeper, more significant fears, about things like the future of our careers, health, or even the world. There are things that cause universal fear for people, such as watching a loved one go through serious health issues, or the potential of losing … Read more