What Does The Bible Say About Self-Love?

What Does The Bible Say About Self-Love

The Bible teaches us that we are all equal in value before God. We were born equally valuable, but because of sin, we often lose our inherent value and love for ourselves. However, through faith in Christ and the practice of self-love, we are able to experience true value for ourselves and the choices we … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense?

What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense

Defending ourselves, both spiritually and physically, is an important thing to be able to do in this modern world. Too often we find ourselves unable to find a means of keeping ourselves and our family safe.  The Bible ensures that we are spiritually safe; that we know right from wrong and that we understand the … Read more

What Does The Number 8 Mean In The Bible? 

What Does The Number 8 Mean In The Bible

The number 8 appears throughout the Bible, being mentioned 80 different times, and it is often associated with God’s power. In fact, it is used to describe a variety of things that are related to God’s power. This article aims to understand the meaning of the numbers (with a particular focus on number 8), in … Read more

What Does Water Represent In The Bible?

What Does Water Represent In The Bible

The symbol of water is one of the most prominent in the bible used to represent a variety of things, from God’s power and grace to the symbolism of fertility and cleansing.  Water is classified as a powerful symbol for many reasons. It is an essential part of life, yet it can also be destructive … Read more

What Happens At Baptism?

What Happens at Baptism

Baptism is a sacrament of cleansing that involves the purification of the soul using water and the Trinitarian invocation of admission to Christianity. It is an outward sign of the inward change in our lives, which we experience as we are born again into Christ’s family. The baptismal service is one of the most significant … Read more

What Happens In Purgatory And Who Goes There?

What Happens In Purgatory And Who Goes There

The idea of purgatory has dated back to the earliest days of Christianity. It has been described as a place where people go after death for punishment or cleansing. But what does it actually mean? Purgatory is commonly associated with a Catholic doctrine that refers to a temporary destination of the cleansing of sins. However, … Read more

What Is A Christening?

What Is A Christening

Are you unsure what a Christening is? Perhaps you have been invited to one and want to know more? Or perhaps the time has come to christen your child and you aren’t sure how to approach the situation? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you.  Finding out what a Christening is … Read more

What Is A Pastor?

What Is A Pastor

Have you found yourself wondering about the role of a pastor? Maybe you are new to Christianity and want to know more about pastors? Or perhaps this phrase is new to you and you want to know what a pastor is? Whatever your reason is, we have the answer for you.  When it comes to … Read more

Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Do Pets Go To Heaven

What does the Bible say about animals going to heaven? The Bible says nothing about whether animals go to heaven. In fact, the book of Job makes no mention of God at all. There are some passages where animals are mentioned, but they don’t necessarily refer to their souls being saved. There are several passages … Read more