What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense?

What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense

Defending ourselves, both spiritually and physically, is an important thing to be able to do in this modern world. Too often we find ourselves unable to find a means of keeping ourselves and our family safe.  The Bible ensures that we are spiritually safe; that we know right from wrong and that we understand the … Read more

Do Christians Celebrate Passover?

Do Christians Celebrate Passover

Passover is a celebration that is mentioned in the Bible. It marks the liberation of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt, and because it is mentioned in a Christian text, many people assume that it is customary for Christians to celebrate Passover. However, it is rare for Christians to celebrate this event today due … Read more

What Do People Do In Heaven?

What Do People Do In Heaven

Are you curious about what happens after death? What does Heaven look like? Are there angels or other supernatural beings? Is there a God?  There are countless stories about Heaven, but no one really knows what it looks like. Some believe it’s a place where God lives, while others say it’s a paradise filled with … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Magic?

What Does The Bible Say About Magic

Magic has always fascinated humans since ancient times. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, magic was practiced throughout history. Today, some people believe that magic is real and that spells really do exist. Others say that it’s all nonsense. Which side do you fall on?  According to the Bible, God created man in His image, … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Mediums

What Does The Bible Say About Mediums

Mediums, spiritists and psychics are quite common in modern times. Many people are tempted by them because they want to hear from a loved one who have passed away. Others seek them out for help making important life decisions. Still others go to them because they’re lonely and desperate. This can seem like a harmless … Read more