What Does The Bible Say About Complaining?

What does the Bible teach about complaining? Throughout history, believers have sought to understand this as a matter of curiosity, something to study to live according to God’s commands. 

What Does The Bible Say About Complaining

While this continues to drive us today, we recognize that we have grown into a complaining culture. We are constantly overwhelmed with complaints from all parts of society, and understanding what God says about complaining is vital for our mental and spiritual health.

Additionally, it is important to draw strength from Him to overcome the crowd’s pressure and exit the whining path.

Peer pressure to join in on the complaining may be quite strong. Even within the church, complaining and grumbling are becoming increasingly frequent.

Simply turn on the news, browse social media, or sit around the dinner table, and someone will begin to whine about something. 

How and why do we fight back? God’s Word has the solution.

What Is Complaining? 

God understands that we will have needs and that there will be challenges on earth. So, His command is to pray, rejoice, express gratitude, and convey our pleas to Him. (Colossians 4:6-7) 

We are commanded to love justice and compassion and to live in humility with God (Micah 6:8). All of these demonstrate that when things are not going as planned, we know that God will guide us to better times, or that what we are going through is all part of his plan for us.  

Complaining, moaning, and muttering are all signs of an unsatisfied mentality and a lack of spirit. These are signs that someone is dissatisfied with their situation and maybe God himself. 

Criticisms are sometimes expressed in a judgmental or condescending tone. We think that we are entitled to more than we now possess.

Alternatively, we communicate our unhappiness with church leaders’ performance. Or church leaders deplore the congregation’s apathy. 

These might be symptoms of a need for change. Complaining involves the expression of issues but these issues are then never resolved, leading to even more complaining. 

Is Complaining A Sin? 

Sin is described as “falling short of the mark.” That is the effect of complaining and grumbling. It falls short of the mark for God’s followers. God seeks a relationship with us based on trust, faith, and communication through prayer. 

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He intends for us to have connections distinguished by humility, love, and service. Complaining does not fit within this framework and hence does not qualify as a suitable discourse for individuals who have been delivered from sin.

Refusing to be happy with God and urging others to do so is disrespectful because our God is a Father who meets our wants and responds to our requests.

Being ungrateful and complaining about your circumstances has the potential to generate a culture of complaint and discontent. It can divert people’s attention away from the Living God and toward idolatry.

Complaining is not trivial. It is a source of discomfort to be around. Anyone who has spent time with someone who is always complaining, whiny children, or an old person who is unable to find anything enjoyable realizes how frustrating it can be.

Our energy and resources are required to achieve everything that God has asked us to do, and complaining depletes our faith and vitality. 

Instead Of Complaining What Should You Do?

When anything is wrong, God commands that we correct it. If someone commits an offense against us, we should tell them, rather than making a public complaint (Matthew 18:15-17).

If we are in need, we should pray. We must pray for one another and ourselves. We should bring sick individuals to elders for prayer and anointing (James 5:13-17).

James’ entire book is a great message about the reality of pain, the dangers of the tongue, and everything we may do instead of complaining. When attempting to overcome the whining propensity, it is important to seek advice from James, as well as from God himself

James 5 exhorts patience, perseverance, and a constant focus on the thought that God is about to come back.

Christians are supposed to emulate Jesus, which frequently demands us to act in counter-cultural ways. Nothing, in our times, is possibly more counter-cultural than going about one’s business without complaining or arguing.

That is not to imply that in the absence of action or conversation, we will continue to accept abuse. We make prayer requests. We consider God’s Word. We are counseled by seasoned Christians. Then we act with decency and patience.

We can resist today’s complaint culture if we keep our eyes on Jesus and rely on the Holy Spirit’s strength. When we do, we will shine as lights in this world, pointing others in the direction of salvation.

Bible Verses About Complaining

God is aware of our weaknesses and temptations, even if they go against his plan for us. We were made to be satisfied with God and everything He has to offer.

Nevertheless, sin entered. Now, we are prone to complaining and muttering over anything that isn’t quite right in our sight.

Naturally, not everything in our world is perfect. Confronting something is not the same as complaining about it though.

Identification of concerns, promotion of peace, advocating for justice, and assistance to others are all biblically prescribed actions. Moaning and groaning, on the other hand, do not accomplish these aims.

Here are some bible verses that talk about complaining directly. 

  • Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation – Philippians – 2:14-15
  • Do not grumble against one another, brethren, lest you be condemned. Behold, the Judge is standing at the door! – James 5:9
  • “Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. – 1 Peter 4:9


God offers several recommendations for how we should spend our words — prayer, thankfulness, encouraging one another, and spreading His Word throughout the year.

If you’ve ever been surrounded by complainers, you know how draining it is on the listener! Being surrounded by real thankfulness, biblical instruction, praise, encouragement, and loving exhortation is all we need to fight back against complaining.

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