What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense?

Defending ourselves, both spiritually and physically, is an important thing to be able to do in this modern world. Too often we find ourselves unable to find a means of keeping ourselves and our family safe. 

The Bible ensures that we are spiritually safe; that we know right from wrong and that we understand the Lord’s plan for us all.

However, whilst the Bible does provide the spiritual guide map for us to keep ourselves safe from sin, what does it say about defending ourselves from those who would wish to harm us via violent means?

This article will explain exactly what the Bible says on the matter of self-defense and how you can ensure your family is kept safe. 

What would you do if someone tried to rob you or harm you? Would you fight back? If so, what kind of weapon should you use?

The Bible says that God gave us our rights to defend ourselves from evil. In other words, we have the right to defend ourselves against violence.

God has given us the right to defend ourselves because He wants us to live free from fear. And since we cannot always rely on law enforcement to protect us, we must take responsibility for protecting ourselves.

God’s Word tells us that we are not only allowed but also commanded to defend ourselves. We can choose between using a gun and non-gun methods such as pepper spray, batons, fists, etc. The choice is ours.

We are not required to wait until an attacker becomes violent before defending ourselves. We can defend ourselves at any time.

If you feel threatened by someone, it is your duty to act in self-defense. You may be able to stop the threat before it escalates into physical confrontation.

If you decide to use a gun, make sure you follow all state laws regarding carrying a firearm.

In addition to following all laws, there are some things you need to consider when choosing how to defend yourself:

• How much training do you have?

• Do you know how to handle the weapon safely?

• Are you familiar with the area where you will be defending yourself?

• Will you be alone?

• Can you afford to replace the weapon?

• Is the weapon legal in your state?

• Does the weapon work properly?

• Will it fit comfortably in your hand?

• How many rounds will you need?

• Have you practiced shooting the weapon?

These are all vitally important things you must consider when deciding how you wish to defend yourself.

Defending yourself can of course be perilous because of course whilst the law allows you to defend yourself it is essential to ensure that you stay within the parameters of the law when doing so. 

Self-defense exists so that we can protect ourselves but as the Bible says we must love our enemies and forgive them.

The Bible, in particular the New Testament, does not encourage us to hate people who do bad things against us because they are simply misguided sinners who have not seen the light of the Lord. 

That is why, whilst the Bible does not discourage you to not defend yourself it does also make clear that violence is not the answer and that only through understanding and forgiveness can we all become better people. 

On this issue of violence and the Bible, let’s turn to examine the Bible’s attitude to violence. 

What Does The Bible Say About Self-Defense?

What Is The Bible’s Attitude To Violence?

The Bible condemns violence in several ways. For example, it says that God created humans in his image, meaning they should be peaceful and kind.

Also, Jesus Christ was crucified because he preached nonviolence. Finally, the Bible teaches us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek.

The story of Genesis tells how God made mankind in his own image. This means that people have the same nature as God.

They must not kill each other because all human beings are equal. People who do evil things deserve punishment.

God is love. He doesn’t want anyone to suffer. So, God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross.

His death would pay for everyone’s sins. Because of this, God can forgive people who repent from their sin.

The Bible uses parables to teach its lessons. A good example is the Good Samaritan. We often hear this parable read out loud at Christmastime.

It tells the story of a man who was robbed by thieves. When he saw the injured man, he helped him. That person was actually helping someone else. And so, we call him “the good Samaritan”.

The Bible talks about forgiveness. If you hurt someone, you may need to ask them to forgive you. Then, you will receive forgiveness too. You won’t go to hell if you do this.

Jesus taught us to pray to God. He wants us to thank him for everything. We should always remember God’s kindness.

Jesus died on the cross. He suffered greatly. He prayed to God asking him to forgive those who killed him. After he died, he rose again. He now lives with God in heaven.

So, this shows that for the Bible, violence is never the solution. 

Why It Is Important To Know What The Bible Says About Self-defense? 

Self-defense is a significant part of all our lives. Ensuring that we can defend ourselves and keep ourselves, our friends and our family safe is crucial to making the world safer for everyone. 

It is also essential to know what the Bible says on the matter of self-defense for, as mentioned at the start of this article, the Bible provides us with spiritual defense, and it is through knowing about the Bible’s attitude towards self-defense that we can truly understand what the Lord meant to us to do when confronted with evil. 


Evil is all around us and so it is so essential that you know how to protect yourself and your family. The Bible gives you that information so make sure you can spread it to everyone that you know. 

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