What Happens At Baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament of cleansing that involves the purification of the soul using water and the Trinitarian invocation of admission to Christianity.

It is an outward sign of the inward change in our lives, which we experience as we are born again into Christ’s family.

The baptismal service is one of the most significant events in the Christian life because it represents the beginning of new life in Christ. We can be baptized only once to enter the family of Christ. 

The service of baptism is a sacred one that involves more than the immersion of water. However, many are unaware of the process of baptism. This post will share what happens at baptism.

What Is Baptism? 

In the Bible, there are two types of baptisms: 1) The baptism of repentance (Acts 2:38-41); and 2) The baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:47).

Both are necessary for salvation. In Acts 2:38-41, Peter preached about Jesus to the people gathered on the day of Pentecost.

He told them that they were all sinners who needed to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. They responded with joy and asked him how this could happen. 

Peter then explained that God had sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for their sins. Then he said that when they believed in Jesus,

God would give them the gift of the Holy Spirit. When they received the Holy Spirit, they would no longer be slaves but sons. The Holy Spirit was given to those who believe in Jesus through faith alone.

The Baptism Of Repentance 

This type of baptism is done when someone has repented of sin and wants to receive forgiveness from God. To repent means to turn away from something or someone you have been doing wrong.

The baptism of repentance was used by John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lord.

He came preaching good news to the poor, sick, prisoners, blind, lepers, etc. He also prepared the way for the coming Messiah by baptizing all those who wanted to follow him.

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

The second type of baptism is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the work of the Holy Spirit. This baptism is done only once in a person’s lifetime.

It is a special event where the Holy Spirit comes upon a person and gives them the power to live holy lives. This baptism can occur at any time during your life.

How Does Baptism Work? 

When a person receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost, God makes a covenant with that person. God promises to forgive the person’s sins if they obey him.

God will take care of that person’s needs while they are alive on earth. 

What Does Baptism Symbolize? 

Baptism symbolizes the washing away of sin and the purification of the soul. It signifies being cleansed from sin and entering into a new relationship with God.

Through baptism, a believer becomes a member of the body of Christ. As a member of the church, he/she is now part of God’s family.

A believer must continue to grow spiritually so that he/she may become like Jesus Christ.

What Are The Steps Of Baptism?

What Happens At Baptism?


The baptism welcome involves welcoming an individual or infant into the Christian community. This introduction of the baptism involves the welcoming of everyone and those being baptized.

This part of the ceremony includes a bible reading. 


Confirmation is an important step because it shows that the child believes in Jesus as Savior and Lord. This part of the sacrament involves the promises of parents and godparents for the person being baptized. 


Prayer is essential before baptism. We pray for God’s guidance and protection over us. We ask God to help us to make decisions and to guide our steps. 


The anointing is symbolic of the Holy Spirit descending upon the person. It shows that the Holy Spirit is present in the person’s life. It also shows that the person is set apart for service to God. 


Water is used to bless the individual by either being immersed in a pool of water being poured over their head. The immersion of water serves to represent the cleansing of sin and the entering of a new beginning. 


The candidate is then filled with the Holy Spirit. The receiving of the Holy Spirit is the most important part of baptism. When this happens, the person is born again. 

What Is Infant Baptism? 

Infants are not able to make decisions about whether to accept Jesus as their Savior. Therefore, infant baptism is not required.

However, infants are still saved from original sin If parents choose to baptize their children, they do so after the child reaches the age of reason.

What Is The Purpose Of Being Immersed In Water? 

Being immersed in water is a critical part of baptism as it represents death to self and resurrection to a new life.

By being immersed in water, a person dies to old ways of living and rises to walk in the newness of life. The immersion of water serves to symbolize the death of sinful nature and the rebirth of a new person.

What Happens After Baptism? 

After baptism, a person is born again and enters into a new life and a new covenant with God.

As a result of being immersed in water, the person is made a member of the kingdom of heaven (Mark 16:16). The person is given the gift of eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Lighting A Candle 

When a person receives the gift of salvation, he/she has been given light. Light is a symbol of truth and righteousness. The light is placed on the forehead of the person who has received the gift of salvation.

This act serves to remind them that they have been given the gift of salvation.

The symbolism of water and light that is prevalent in the covenant of baptism stands to represent the two great covenants between God and man; the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. 

These two covenants were sealed at the time of the cross when Jesus died for our sins. The first covenant was broken when Adam disobeyed God.

The second covenant was sealed when Jesus came back to earth. He became the perfect sacrifice for our sins. 

Why Is Baptism Important?

Baptisms are very important because they represent the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They also signify the beginning of a new life in Christ.

Christian baptism is one way we can be united together as Christians. It is also a reminder that we need to live like Christ every day.

Final Considerations 

The sacrament of baptism stands to represent the reception of salvation through his sacrifice on the cross. The sacrament represents welcoming, strengthening, and cleansing.

The purification of the soul is the outcome of the baptism and is hence why it stands to be one of the most essential sacraments.

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