Where Christians Worship And Why?

If you’re a Christian, you’ll know too well just how many places we have to worship, but you may not understand the reasons for each place.

When you’re new to the faith it isn’t uncommon to not fully understand why we have so many places of worship and what the meaning behind each place is. 

Where Christians Worship And Why

Typically, there is a Biblical basis for the places we worship, as well as a host of different reasons why we decide to worship where we do.

To help you better understand Christian places of worship, we have compiled a list explaining the wide variety of places that Christians worship. We will also look at the reasons behind each location.

If you’re new to the faith or simply want to further your knowledge about the Christian faith, this is the perfect starting place for you.

Let’s take a deeper look into Christian places of worship!

Where Do Christians Worship?

Christianity has no regulations when it comes to where Christians are permitted to carry out their worship. As a result of this, Christians worship in a wide range of places.

The most popular of these places are local churches and house churches. Other places of worship include conferences, in small communities, and at conferences.

Those who follow the faith aren’t limited to one place of worship either, therefore many Christians decide to worship in a number of different places. 

With that in mind let’s take a closer look at the places we choose to worship and why they are important.

Local Churches

We’ll start with local churches as it’s one of, if not the most common place Christians go to worship. The church is essential to the Christian faith as it symbolizes the Body of Christ across the world.

This has great meaning to the Christian people as it means all who believe Christ is our savior are welcomed to God’s family.

The meaning of “a church” is that it is a small or large local gathering of believers.

Usually, these gatherings take place in beautifully constructed churches that vary in shape and size, which directly impacts the total number of believers in attendance.

A church can have a gathering of just a few people or as large a gathering of a few thousand believers.

Interestingly, as there is no set format for how a church must look, your local church could look very different from someone else’s.

Christians gather in local churches to worship simply because they are convenient. In a church, more believers are able to gather.

The idea that the church is an established building has come from the concept of the Synagogue and the temple Jews used for worship. 

House Churches

Today, a lot of Christians decide to worship within their house. This could be because the church gathering actually happens in the house.

Alternatively, this could be an additional meeting that takes part outside the established church. Most established churches offer small gatherings. The small gathering is then hosted by a church member in their home.

Worshiping from home represents the belief of the Early Church. Meeting daily the Early Church would spur each other on and motivate each other to continue the hard work of Christ.

They would sit and eat together, going about their daily lives. This is one of the reasons modern churches follow a very similar model.

The reason for at home was first an effort to bridge gaps between Jews, Gentiles, men, women, slaves, and masters.

The gospel was intended to be developed and spread within communities, therefore by worshiping in house churches, believers could bring each other together in unity.

Sadly, in some settings meeting at a house church was also a good way to escape persecution.


The idea of Christian conferences is hugely popular within Western Cultures. This popularity has then been influenced by the church to create a wonderful setting for gathering more believers in one place.

Perfect for training followers of Christ, conferences normally have a variety of speakers, leaders, and valuable sessions aimed at giving believers discipleship and resources. 

Christian conferences don’t only happen in Western Cultures. They take place all over the world but can look very different, especially in poorer, underdeveloped countries including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

Conferences are used as a method to effectively train Christian believers and Christian leaders to go out and disciple others.

The main focus is personal development and the practical ways in which you can spiritually develop your area and the people who live within it.

Conferences don’t have a Biblical basis, but they are extremely useful when it comes to spreading the gospel to thousands of people all at the same time.

A conference can take just two days to reach all the people it would normally take individuals months to do.


Where Christians Worship And Why

Christian concerts aren’t that unfamiliar to conferences. Usually, both consist of presentations of the gospel in some form or another, with both featuring times to worship.

The beauty of Christian concerts is that they take place all over the world bringing believers together through the power of song.

They can be extremely large concerts or relatively small, it doesn’t matter. Recognized worship leaders along with the most popular churches will often come to the forefront when it comes to leading the worship.

The performances at a Christian concert will always be performed by talented musicians who dedicated their musical talents to spread the gospel. 

Typically, these concerts will feature light effects, confetti, and special effects amongst other things, similar to that of secular conferences. Crowds have a chance to sing, dance, and interact with all the musical leaders. 

Concerts are typically used as a place of worship by the church ministry. It gives the church ministry the chance to provide church experiences away from the church setting.

Some believers feel too uncomfortable to attend a church gathering, but feel a lot more at ease at a concert. 

Concerts also give Christians the chance to worship with their fellow believers. Some concerts may even be used to fundraise. 

Despite there being no scripture regarding Christian concerts, many believers believe they are a fruitful way to build the Christian faith and stir up believers. 


Many Christians choose to worship in a community. The meaning behind the word community can allude to a community location or community building.

Smaller communities that unfortunately can’t afford their own community building rent out spaces within other community settings.

This could be a local library or school. When allowed to witness these communities will also meet in more public spaces.

Community worship can also be the indication of a collective gathering within a community. Colleges that share a devotion to the Bible will come together in their community and worship.

Smaller towns gather their community. A worshiping community is considered to be a group of people who worship within the same vocational area or location.

The main reason we may select to worship in a community is simply that it is beneficial for the community. It is also a more affordable alternative to worshiping at an established church.

Finally, it gives us a good opportunity to connect with unbelieving members of our community.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it, these are the main places Christians choose to worship and why they are important. Where a Christian picks to worship is up to them. How they think and feel is significant. 

Having so many wonderful options gives us as Christians the opportunity to worship on our own, in our local communities, or on a larger scale with more believers who share our faith.

Now you have a greater understanding of the different places you can worship, why not consider worshiping somewhere new to develop your faith and meet more believers like yourself.        

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